Then how it should be stopped


Dowry is one of the reasons for committing


Dowry is one of the reasons for committing suicides of the married women. There may be many other reasons too. Our innocent sisters have been harassing, torturing, starving or even killing on the name of dowry.

The prominent citizens of our city including social, political, religious leaders and a group of youths should join hands and form the forum or committee in every city and town to stop such heinous incidents have been taking place frequently which is stigma to the Muslim community. The families of your town those who are involved in such matters, they should be boycotted completely in your city first then district and onwards.

But in our society if such persons are rich, they have been respected by all. As a result of which the percentage of harassing or divorcing has been increasing day by day. We are responsible for it. We have been respecting such persons those who are harassing, torturing, divorcing or abandoning the married girls. The guilty has no any punishments so they dare to solomonise of their marriage again. On the other hand, he gets bride for second marriage.

Then how it should be stopped.


Irrespective of his position, the society must boycott such persons then there will be positive change in the society.

It is a very serious problem in our society. Parents of the girls have to face many problems. So, he is forcing his married girls to bear all the torturers either from hubby or in-laws. The girl also bears torturers uncompellingly on the name of father's status or other reasons as she has no option except to bear the torture or end life. She cannot protest.

When the torture is unbearable the circumstances compelled her to take extreme step like committing suicides. She knew that neither parents nor society will accept her.

I hope youth should come forward and think about solutions otherwise such incidents will take place at regular intervals.

(It is for awareness. Nobody should take it personally. It is general problem in society irrespective of caste, colour, religion, region or creed.)

Beed Dist.Reporter
Lokmat Times
Retired lecturer.