The 'economy' is the backbone of society. In the wake of the Corona virus epidemic, we are increasingly convinced of this. As far as our community is concerned, it seems that our economy used to be the backbone of our economy to some extent, but now it is crawling on its own. We do not have to remain permanent in this situation. Efforts to get out of it must be made as fast as possible. We have to prepare an army of economics students for this. We are always optimistic about the new generation. We have to give a positive direction to their thinking, vision and action before they become tools of the politicians and reach the election booth tables.

The social mission we would advise thousands of our Commerce and Economics students to join is 'Budget and Savings'. If you look at what is happening today on this front, a very sad scenario emerges. Today in our country,

(a) first of all no budget is made

(b) even if it is made, the education is not on the priority

(c) there is some concern for the daughters but it is just in this way.

“The daughter is in the fourth grade, but the dowry has to be prepared a little bit now”. How to change this mindset and habit?


  1. When our commerce students reach out to parents under the Economics Awareness Campaign, most parents start telling their own story like leave the budget and say just tell me where to find a job, where the job is, anything will work anyway, but they should get 2-time meals. Here you have to explain to them that with pen and paper, with Power Point, by your speech, by corner plays, by every medium that is effective, good job opportunities will be available only when our children learn modern science and useful skills. So, don't make the future of your children the fuel of that stove temporarily. Now, in that case, a success would surely require a sacrifice. Great decision, great sacrifice. Here, the Commerce students explain to the parents who want instant success, all these calculations of life through paper and pen, where their child will be after two years, where he will be after five years, and where he will be after 8 years?
  2. When our students take to the field to guide the parents with hope, and positive thinking, at the same time, many people with frustration and despair, will camp on our corner and streets to misguide them. Concerned parents will continue to be misguiding by their theory that how nothing can happen to the economy of this country. GDP and inflation are now making it very clear that economic condition will never come under control. You have to tell those parents with reference to history and the present scenario that the pain of tyranny, oppression, injustice and mismanagement does not last forever. The people sooner or later would end such governments. In the name of an epidemic, if a few doors of success are closed, a few others may open. We don't see them yet; we don't understand or we really lack patience.
  3. Not only nationwide but also globally everyone is aware that there is no shortage of talent or intelligence in Muslim students and youth but then the drum of ‘circumstances' is heard. Our youth have to work on this front. ۔ What is happening in our society today, if a person has four sons, all four intelligent and hardworking, assuming all four have the aptitude and ability to become an engineer, then it is still said “Saleem you are the eldest, you become an engineer. Rashid you become a motor mechanic from ITI, the fee there is only ten thousand rupees. Nadeem, if you go into commerce, there is only a fee of Rs. 6,000. Will be getting a job in two years. Firstly, career planning is not done here in terms of aptitude but in terms of 'pocket'. Secondly, there is a plan to make the eldest son an engineer and head the whole family. And when that son becomes an engineer, he runs away with his bride from the wedding pavilion. Our young people should guide in our society, in our neighborhood, in our buildings they should allow their children to choose their career according to their ability, according to their budget. Also explain to all those parents how to prepare their budget.
  4. One of the major weaknesses of our society is that there is no concept of 'savings'. Commerce students can play a key role on this front. In our case, 'savings' means that one day a big lottery will be drawn, one day the thatch will explode and money will fall. That is why in our society, false and deceptive schemes in the name of investment are the first to be accepted. Here, deceptions of doubling the amount in a year or so are still being given. One of the devastating effects of Covid-19 on our society is the online lotteries. The real target of the internationally drawn game is the   Muslim youth. In this regard, it is to bring awareness to our youth.

What is the real meaning of saving? Our youth need to convince parents that saving five rupees a day for each child is a ‘saving’. Hang as many savings boxes or money boxes as there are children in the house on the wall and save Rs. 5 per day for each child for education. As soon as they see it, on the day of SSC result, they will be able to arrange the fees for the first two years of college. Even in the current situation, it is possible that before Covid, if one's monthly salary was Rs. 20,000 and then it was necessary for him to save Rs. One thousand, thanks to Covid, his salary has been halved to Rs 10,000 per month. Even then, it is necessary for him to save Rs 500/- per month for the education of their children.

(to be continued…)